Adolescents and Young Adults

Navigating life as a teen or young adult can be incredibly tricky. It is a time of change and contradiction, and meanwhile your body and mind may have seemingly taken on a life of their own. Your brain chemistry is changing on a moment-to-moment basis, making you sad, irritated, or anxious, sometimes for what may feel like no reason at all. At the same time, you are finding out who you are and learning that some of what you now know to be true may conflict with the hopes and dreams your parents have lovingly held for you. You're also trying to fit in, yet at the same wanting to stay true to yourself. It's a messy time in life to say the least! A supportive, non-judgmental professional who can listen to you, provide feedback, and give you tools to deal with the many twists and turns you are going through can be incredibly helpful. Let's face it - as much as your family loves you and may want to be there for you, there are some things you just don't want to talk about with them...and that's okay. There may also be things you do want to talk about with them, but just don't know how. We can work together to help you bridge these conversations.

Tame anxiety & stress

Enhance self-esteem

Navigate academic, social, and family stressors

Learn to replace self-harming behaviors with tools to cope

Find healthier ways to manage feelings of anger and sadness

Overcome decision paralysis

Improve relationships

Alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression

Conquer a quarterly-life crisis

Create boundaries